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Men @ Work

What a busy week last week! A group of 17 men from South Carolina came down for a “visit.” What fun it was to be a sideline participant, watching these men. They came wanting to help, but that was not their main goal. They truly focused on worship and growth as much as service (if not more than.) Three times a day they circled up, worshipped with song, shared the word, and prayed. Lydia and I sang along from inside the house as the men’s strong voices came through the window. We didn’t intrude on their time together (although we did share a few meals with them.)
Sometimes these sessions would last an hour or more, and the driven side of me would think, “Are they ever gonna get started on the work?” I didn’t have to worry, though. They WORKED! They busted concrete, dug ditches, laid pipe, hauled debris, painted, built awnings, and even improved our internet. (Not to mention the kitchen crew who kept them all well-fed.)
I also got a chuckle watching some of the “grown boys” get excited when they pulled down the decrepit old roof with rope. Then, of course, some had to play with fire, and shoot fireworks. I even saw a few riding a scooter. Yes, they had fun! They teased and joked with each other throughout the week. One guy seemed to get a lot of ridicule because of his foot phobia. He hates feet. And you know how most close-knit groups are, if they find out your weakness, they are going to tease you at every opportunity. All in the name of fun, of course.
Thursday morning, as the men were circling up, Brian came in with a huge tub looking for hot water. Naturally, I had to question why this was needed just before devotional time. He said, “We are going to wash feet this morning.”
Did you guess it? God had convicted the man with the foot phobia to wash the team’s feet that day. And he obeyed! What an act of service and love! I just cried the whole morning as I peered through the window, watching man after man sit in the receiving chair of this powerful action.
Obedience. Sometimes God asks us to do some crazy-sounding things. Sometimes he pushes in on our weak spots. He has a way of stretching us in ways we never imagined. He seems to take our fears and challenge us to really believe, to trust that he is good, to know that he is faithful. We can come up with a thousand excuses; we can rationalize our thoughts; we can create imaginative bargaining techniques. But what is required is obedience, submission, trust. It isn’t always easy, and often it doesn’t make any sense. Are we going to live for God or just do what’s comfortable? What is God asking of you? Your act of obedience may be the life-changer for someone else.
And, thanks guys, for being the hands and feet of Jesus! We love y’all.